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I remember when I submitted a letter of intent to homeschool my son. It was a decision that was informed by many factors, including the transition to remote learning and the connection between COVID-19 related precautions and the safety of black and brown students.

To be clear, homeschooling was always in the back of our minds. There had been a number of subtle yet alarming occurrences in my child’s school experiences that raised red flags for my husband and me. However, these red flags were addressed by ramping up what we did at home. We’re of the mind that learning…

Nothing like the start of a new year to get us all thinking about setting things straight and organizing our time. If you’re like one of the millions of parents who have opted for homeschooling during this pandemic, or even if you are a homeschooler in need of a new year reset, here are 5 tips for designing a plan that fits.

  1. Shift your thinking regarding schooling and learning.

You are not going to be able to reproduce schooling at home, especially while working from home. And to be honest, you shouldn’t try to. Schooling and learning are not synonymous…

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You know that woke friend. The one who asks why you’re going to Carnival again. Like, how much fete can you justify when there are real things going on in the world? Or that co-worker, who asks questions about the expression of women in “scantily clad” costumes? Well, first of all, that’s what you get for telling your co-workers your business. And that friend — isn’t as “woke” as they might think.

Not that Carnivalists need any reason to explain why we participate in the greatest show on earth each year, but, if anyone dares to question the purpose of…

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October is breast cancer awareness month. And Carnival isn’t Carnival without breasts — — yes, men have breasts too, but in this case, we’re talking about the beautiful and bountiful breasts that enhance the iconic wire bra. These wire bras are designed not to simply hold breasts, but to hold weight. And that means there’s a lot of wire pressing against breasts, who are often bouncing about.

So what does that mean for those concerned about breast cancer? Well, as it turns out, it doesn’t mean much.

According to, getting breast cancer from wire bras is a myth. The…

Shavonn Doughlin

Educator | Writer | Director of Development at Home.

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